All your hopes, prayers, and visualizations are finally coming true! The O.C., best team drama of aughts, will soon be streamable not just on that (forgive me) shitty CW site, but on Hulu, as well. Break out your Julie Cooper-inspired Juicy sweatsuit. We’re going back to Newport Beach.

Vulture reports:

Hulu has landed Seth and Ryan’s excellent adventures as part of a groundbreaking deal with O.C. producer Warner Bros. Television, which had previously resisted licensing any of its extensive content library to Hulu. But now, the dam is about to break, and in a big way. In addition to older titles such as The O.C., Smallville, and Southland, today’s agreement will also bring the first and subsequent seasons of freshmen successes Blindspot and Lucifer to Hulu, starting this summer. TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles will also join the streamer next month. All of the Warners shows will be available on both Hulu’s regular and commercial-free subscription plans.

Oh, hey, Smallville, Southland, Bindspot, Lucifer, and Rizzoli & Isles—how ‘bout you GET OUTTA MY FACE. All I care about is The O.C., bitch. The rest of you are BORING me.

Sandy Cohen’s eyebrows premiere on Hulu next month and guess what? I went to the future and took this photo of us watching it together.


Images via The O.C./Fox.