California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill this weekend that would have required health insurance companies that cover cervical cancer treatments to also cover the cost of the vaccine for HPV — since HPV is linked to many kinds of cervical cancers. (The bill passed in the Assembly by a vote of 52-23 and 26-13 in the Senate.) And guess what? California has the highest cervical cancer rate in the US! The vaccine, which is administrated in three doses over six months, costs about $360 and is recommended for girls and women ages 11-26. "Without this bill, the law only requires coverage for girls sixteen years or younger in group plans or insurance policies," says the bill's author, Rep. Noreen Evans. "That fails to protect millions of California's women within the full age range recommended." Got something you'd like to say to "The People's Governor"? He can be e-mailed here. [Feminist Majority Foundation]