California Accents Are, Like, So Great

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I hate when people tell me I sound like I'm from California, because I assume that's a nicer way of telling me that I sound like a Valley Girl. (I hail from Encino, and, when I was a teenager, I sounded like a Clueless extra. But I like to think that I've come a long way since then!)


However, some people think the California accent is "warm and passionate."

"It's not hurried, it's not hostile, it's not caustic," Davis, a Los Angeles native who now lives in Santa Cruz, told KQED, which collected dozens of opinions on California speech patterns. "It's just people hanging out and chatting and having a good time."


You can click the pins on KQED's map to hear what Californians have to say about Californian accents. Like, totally do it!


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Is there really such a thing as a California accent? Valley girl accents can be heard all across the country and seem to me like a cultural thing rather than a regional thing. It's an accent a certain type of girl sometimes has, I hear it on the east coast frequently. And is there a male equivalent? Would that be the "surfer dude" accent? Because that can be heard other places too. Other than that, I really don't know what would be considered a "california accent".