Cake and Frozen Yogurt in One Cup!? The Mind Reels

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So, you know the cupcake trend (ugh, shut uuuuuup)? And you know the frozen yogurt trend (ugh, just be ice creeeeeeam)? And you know the trend where people take two bad foods and put them together to make one new crazy-food (ugh, uuuuuuugh)? Well the folks at DC's YOCAKE (their caps, not mine) have managed to combine those three trends into one MEGA-TRIPLE-TREND. It's a cupcake. In a cup. With frozen yogurt on it. And you eat it. Are you guys fucking freaking out right now????? Oh wait, me neither.

The Washington Post responds with this bit of bizarre manufactured awe:

What next? A machine that dispenses a swirl of gourmet ground beef and tomato froyo over a bacon cupcake? Served with a high-alcohol microbrew fermented with an ancient Mayan wild yeast strain re-created in an MIT laboratory? Maybe they could call it Blueberry Burger Cakes. Kids could tell their folks they want to watch the BBC.


Great point, WaPo! It's a slippery slope from what is basically cake-and-ice cream to that totally weird nonsense thing you just said! (The article goes on to declare the Yocakes "rich" and enjoyable, though lacking in "aesthetic beauty.")

Anyway, the most striking thing about the Yocake-aside from the fact that I WANT ONE-is how blatantly it screams, "Laaaaaaaadies!!! Do you want to be BAD?" I mean, they might as well just serve it in a vibrating shoe and top it with sprinkles that light up when your mother-in-law comes to town-just to make the "Cathy" quad-fecta complete. Ack, etc. But I still want one. I do. I want one.

Cupcakes and froyo together at last at Yocake [WaPo]

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Eh. Just give me a nice hot fudge brownie sundae. They've been doing that in a cup for ages. Plus, you get the hot/cold melty fudge sauce fun with it.