Caitlyn Jenner Partners with MAC Cosmetics, Donates Lipstick Proceeds to Trans Communities

Friday afternoon on Instagram, Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself as the new face of MAC. “I’m finally free to announce my partnership with @MACcosmetics,” she wrote, adding, “All sales of our lipstick shade, Finally Free, go toward improving transgender communities.”


Jenner was rumored to have signed a contract with MAC back in June. (The company denied the partnership at the time.) Page Six reports that “the deal is thought to be worth at least seven figures, and will see the cosmetics company, owned by Estée Lauder, become more involved in transgender issues and causes.”

Jenner joins a long line of women in her family with beauty endorsement deals. Daughter Kendall Jenner models for Estée Lauder, while Kylie Jenner has her own branded lip kit.

In a press release posted to the MAC website, the company praises Caitlyn Jenner’s beauty and courage, stating:

It’s evident that this is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and having the time of her life — finally. In the last nine months since transitioning under the critical, often unforgiving microscope of the public eye, she has come to represent courage, fearlessness, honesty and compassion — characteristics long-prized and celebrated by M•A•C. She is using her newfound platform not only to share with the world the simplest pleasures of life — like waking up each morning happy — but also to tirelessly advocate on behalf of the community of which she now finds herself a part.

Her beautiful transformation inspires all of us to live our best lives and to honour who we are. Differences are what make us interesting. Acceptance, warmth and understanding are what make us human.

Finally Free, the lipstick designed by Jenner, will be released this coming April.

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I know nothing about lipstick. Is Finally Free a good shade?
(As in color. No shade.)