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Some Crazy Lady Threw Her Pubes at Hugh Jackman, Caroline Lamb-Style

Illustration for article titled Some Crazy Lady Threw Her Pubes at Hugh Jackman, Caroline Lamb-Style

In today’s creakingly slow news cycle, Reuters and TMZ, like two jackals starving in the wilderness, jumped on the same lurid story: a woman named Katherine Thurston menaced Hugh Jackman at a gym in New York City, fled, and was promptly arrested. The Reuters version is fairly prosaic — Katherine waves an electric razor “filled with hair clippings” at the Australian actor. TMZ, however, played up the pubes angle because nothing excites an audience like a good pubes slingin’ story.


Jackson spoke to the media after the incident, saying that the woman had been following him “for some time”:

I suppose for me the primary concern is my family, obviously. But, you know, here's a woman who obviously needs help, so I just hope she gets the help she needs.


That was probably a more measured, thoughtful reaction than Byron had when Caroline Lamb sent him her pube trimmings, but, then again. Byron was a dick, nothing at all like the gentlemanly, compassionate Hugh Jackman, pop culture’s moral compass.

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Image via AP

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Byron wasn't a dick. Thanks.