Buzzkill London Cops Won't Let the People Rave Inside an Abandoned Toys R Us

Different Toys R Us but you get the RAVE picture
Different Toys R Us but you get the RAVE picture
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Wow, what’s an impresario got to do around here to get a fire party off the ground? Damn.


The closure of Toys R Us locations in the U.S. and United Kingdom, aside from putting thousands of people out of work and putting toy retailers ever-more thoroughly in the clutches of Amazon, left a lot of empty buildings sitting around. (And potentially for quite some time to come.) Obviously, some entrepreneurs want to reuse that space to dance to bangers, exchange some kandi, and get plurnt, but as with most fun and dangerous things, the cops say no. As NME reported (via Stereogum):

Police were recently called to an abandoned Toys R Us store, after hundreds of people staged a massive Easter Weekend rave inside the shop.

The “unlicensed music event” was held at the closed down store in Hounslow, West London on Saturday March 31.

Posting on Twitter, Hounslow MPS shared a photo of a Toys R’Us sign, which had been daubed in graffiti so it read “Raves R Us”.

The Hounslow police—who also seized a soundsystem—helpfully posted a photo on Twitter:

“Do not travel to this area as all attendees and ticket holders are being turned away,” the cops’ account added.

Don’t any of you dare snitch on my upcoming massive illegal royal wedding tea party inside an ancient Circuit City because that shit is gonna rage.

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I’m going to get blasted by lots of people here today. I may never come out of the greys.


Toys “R Us is a sacred place. I bought many of my kids’ toys here. As well as for nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids, and preschool kids. Heck, I even bought most of my Matchbox, Hot Wheels and other diecast collections here.

To hold a rave in there is like desecrating sacred ground. In fact, it is sacred ground.

I’m with the cops on this one. Ravers need to keep their grubby hands away from the place.

If you must party so hard, go play in a ditch or somewhere.

If I had the money, I’d buy my local TRU building and put up prison-grade fencing around it.