Brandweek's Jim Edwards has an article out today that claims that even in the face of economic crisis, sales of high-priced beauty treatments, such as $1000 tubs of La Prairie skin creams and vanity Botox injections, are actually on the rise. "That is the high-end beauty category in a nutshell," Edwards notes, "Everyone thinks hard times must be triggering women to pull back on discretionary vanity products but the opposite is true: Business is up." While women may be scrimping on other items in their lives, they're splurging on their beauty products, which is a habit I'm afraid I've also fallen into. Call it vanity, if you will, but I'd rather eat a box of generic cereal then put an untested cream on my wicked sensitive face. And besides, when the world is gloomy, a new Clinique Black Honey lip gloss seems to brighten the day. Are there any beauty products that you've had to give up over the past few months? And if so, how are the cheaper substitutes working out for you? [Brandweek]