Enraged Male Fan Assaults Bollywood Actress Over Her Short Dress

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On Sunday, the host of an Indian singing competition television show was attacked and slapped in the face by a member of the audience during the taping of the season finale because the man did not approve of her outfit.


Actress and model Gauhar Khan was just doing her job when 24-year-old Akil Malik heckled her for wearing a short dress (because apparently not only is he a misogynist douche; he hasn't seen a single Bollywood movie ever). Times of India reports:

Around 8pm on Sunday, while the shoot was on, Malik suddenly got up and went on the stage. He tried to touch Khan who was taken aback and resisted. Malik then slapped her. He asked her how she could wear skimpy outfits and dance to cheap songs despite being a Muslim," a police official said.

DNA India reports that the man actually did touch Khan inappropriately, and his charges will reflect that:

At the time of going to press, the Aarey Colony police was in the process of registering a case under sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 354 (assault or criminal force on woman with intent to outrage her modesty) under the Indian Penal Code.

More and more Bollywood actresses are being assigned the blame for their own objectification as Indian media tries to reconcile the state of women and the influence of Bollywood. Incidents like this only serve to show just how prevalent this objectification, this detachment of a woman's body from her ownership of it, is.

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But why didn't she do something to stop him? I'm not saying it was okay for him to attack her, but it was a public event and she could've said "no" or yelled for security anytime and since I didn't read anything in this statement about her doing that, I can only conclude she must've consented to being slapped. And just for the record I'm definitely not victim-blaming. I'm simply feeling deeply conflicted on whether to believe this account or not and I need to ask some clarifying questions.