But What if Victoria's Secret Launched a Consent-Themed Line of Underpants?

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Yesterday, we determined that Victoria's Secret was most definitely not behind a new official-looking yet dubious "PINK Loves CONSENT" line, which featured some certifiable babes (who, refreshingly, did not look like Gisele) rocking underwear with phrases like "No Means No" next to a list of sexual assault statistics.

Today, FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, the Baltimore-based feminist group that projected "Rape is Rape" along with stories of survivors on the US Capitol Building the night before the presidential election, admitted that they were behind the campaign and said a ton of people — including VS employees — fell for it:

Through Victoria's Secret's social media, the concept of consent was cropping up in some unexpected places. The Victoria's Secret facebook pages were flooded with "I heart consent" posts, excited campus reps were retweeting pinklovesconsent.com, and the "pink hearts" at pinknation.com were declaring their love for "open sex talk." One employee tweeted, "I am so happy to currently have a job for a company that stands for something so beautiful!! @LoveConsent #victoriassecret #loveconsent" Highschool students were tweeting "I'm loving the new @LoveConsent! Victoria's secret goes feminist!" At the outset, 100 young facebook users were in one the prank. It just went viral from there.


They also said the pr@pinklovesconsent.com inbox was flooded with fan mail from excited customers who were super excited about the fake line.

"Will Victoria's Secret take a nod from the customer fan mail and change their styles?" FORCE asks. (We're going to go with an emphatic "No." ) "But what a different world would it be if they did? What if consent and communication showed up in the bedroom as much as push-up bras and seamless thongs?"


We're not expecting VS to start actively combatting rape culture — at this point, we're just hopeful that they won't send a almost-naked model down the runway wearing a sacred war bonnet during tonight's fashion show. But can FORCE please turn their consent lingerie line into reality? We want more nontraditional models with "Let's Talk About Sex" on their butts to combat all of those "Sure Thing" thongs out there.

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Funny enough, I've talked to many many people living in the Real World (you know, the world outside these web pages). It turns out that if a man asks for permission/consent before sexually approaching a woman, the vast majority of Real World Women label him as WEAK and NOT MASCULINE (their words, not mine).

Ironically/confusingly enough, some of these women were victims of actual sexual abuse (I work with some of them re: career counseling, job placement, etc). I could not believe my freakin' ears.

Can anyone here offer some non-insulting explanation?