According to USA Today, our country is suffering from a moral crisis greater than that of, say, Gitmo or Republican senators who cheat on their wives with D.C. hookers. Yup, the boundaries of what is meant by the term "business casual" are even harder to define than those of, well, the executive branch! But lucky for everyone, the paper has provided a handy visual guide for distinguishing between "appropriate" and "inappropriate" office wear. Which is pretty interesting to us as most days we can't even bother to change out of yesterday's clothes to go to our offices. (That is, our couches. Except for Anna who writes/edits at a desk. Whatever. Weirdo!) Anyway, in the interest of providing readers a poll โ€” any poll โ€” today, and at the risk of too much self-referentiality, we ask: Who among us is wearing the least-appropriate outfit to work today? The sartorial selections after the jump.

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