Today on New York Public Radio, Leonard Lopate interviewed Charles Bock, author of Beautiful Children, a novel set in Nevada — both the suburbs and the "sleazy Vegas sex industry." Questioned Lopate: "Some of the details (in the book) can be rather stomach-turning, like the stripper who has her nipples surgically hollowed out so she can fill them with wax and light them like candles. Does that really happen?" Answered Bock: "It does happen. And in fact, in the time that I wrote the book where it went from an idea of my imagination to now, that actually is an act that occurs and not just in Vegas, but all over. It's a not common but not infrequent trick that some strippers do do." WTF. Has anyone ever heard of this? You can hear the exchange at around 9 minutes, 50 seconds into the interview. [WNYC]


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