Burning Love

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Today on New York Public Radio, Leonard Lopate interviewed Charles Bock, author of Beautiful Children, a novel set in Nevada — both the suburbs and the "sleazy Vegas sex industry." Questioned Lopate: "Some of the details (in the book) can be rather stomach-turning, like the stripper who has her nipples surgically hollowed out so she can fill them with wax and light them like candles. Does that really happen?" Answered Bock: "It does happen. And in fact, in the time that I wrote the book where it went from an idea of my imagination to now, that actually is an act that occurs and not just in Vegas, but all over. It's a not common but not infrequent trick that some strippers do do." WTF. Has anyone ever heard of this? You can hear the exchange at around 9 minutes, 50 seconds into the interview. [WNYC]

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Have I heard of strippers hollowing out their nipples in order to fill them in with candle wax? Um, No?! Who the hell are these plastic surgeons? And can u imagine the surgery consult for such a procedure? And what happens when the wick burns low? How the hell do you keep the hot wax from spilling over and burning the rest of you?! So many questions...the most important being WHY?!! WHY?WHY?WHY?!