Burn Your MFA: YouTube Stars Are the Future of Publishing

Not only are YouTube stars finding their wealth in Hollywood, but they're taking over the publishing industry too. Goodbye bloggers, you are no longer the hot new kid on the block.


The Wall Street Journal draws our attention to several new books coming out this fall, all of which are by YouTube stars. While the transition from making your own videos on the internet to getting a television show or starring in ad campaigns makes perfect sense, translating those short videos into a book can (depending on the topic at hand) seem less of an obvious recipe for success. Still – like no one says but they should – when in doubt, give them a book deal!


The books on the docket for fall are The Pointless Book from Alfie Deyes, Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to Grow Up by Grace Helbig and Make Up (Enhanced Edition): Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success—Online and Off by the ever-present Michelle Phan. The Journal says other books are coming as well, from authors like Shay Carl Dawson, Shane Dawson, Justine Ezarik, Connor Franta and Joey Graceffa. Most of this action seems to be the work of Simon & Schuster, who "has even started an imprint dedicated to YouTube personalities, Keywords Press, in partnership with United Talent Agency" that just launched.

Keywords Press. Cute. Naturally, Simon & Schuster announced said imprint with their own video starring YouTube stars. Well, if anything is going to get kids to read besides The Hunger Games, it'll definitely be YouTube.

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Mrs. Fingerbottom

*weeps quietly into her own book contract which took years and years of education and work to get and will not make her any money to speak of*