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Butt dialing, it happens to everyone. Sometimes you're on the receiving end (I once listened to my cousin try to pick up some "fly honeys" at a bar) and sometimes you're on the giving end. No matter how you slice it, it's always an awkward situation. And it was particularly awkward for two men who tried to rob an auto shop in Minneapolis last week.


Todd Joseph Weiss and Justin Grant Evans were busy removing a TV and an unidentified box from the auto shop when either an inadvertent speed-dialing mishap or a guilty conscience caused one of them to dial the police by accident. The dispatcher who took the call could clearly hear the men's conversation and quickly realized that a robbery was taking place.

Police arrived shortly after and used K-9s to apprehend the suspects, who had dropped all the loot they were carrying when they saw the fuzz and ran for their lives. Both men were taken to a local hospital, where Weiss was treated for injuries and Evans was kept for evaluation following his admission that he had taken 15 Xanax. Evans also repeatedly told officers he had never been in the building, completely ignoring the minor fact that his voice was recorded on the 911 call and the major fact that he was caught trying to steal a TV. (No, no, I didn't steal it! I was just helping my buddy move it! It's not his TV? Aww, man! I had no idea!)


Both men have substantial criminal histories and have been arrested for burglary before.

Image via CBS Minnesota

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