"Bunny Lines": The Latest Tool In US Weekly's Arsenal!

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"But how can you tell if a star - or your friend! - has been under the needle, not the knife? Look for bunnies" - the latest plastic surgery "tell!" Because you're getting away with undetected surgery on our watch!


Says the New York Post</em, "These days, cheek and chin implants are blatant, and who wants a natural-looking boob job anymore? Hoist 'em high, sisters." There's no challenge for those of us (?) who apparently make sport of guessing who's had work done and accusing them of it like those undermining friends in the Glade commercials!

But we have a new weapon in our arsenal: bunny lines, "the crinkly wrinkles on both sides of the nose that often appear as a direct result and telltale sign of Botox-related paralysis" and which battle scars are apparently borne by Nicole Kidman, Mickey Rourke and Sly Stallone. Which is good, because otherwise there's no way we'd guess that any of those people had had work done! Apparently the furrows arise because your few non-paralyzed muscles go into overdrive, thus wrinkling where nature never intended. So what's the cure? Well, says one plastic surgeon, "When people find these lines objectionable, Botox is the best way to eradicate them."

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Erin Gloria Ryan

I always thought that "bunny lines" is what you call the white stuff you snort off of identical blonde twins at the Playboy Mansion.