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Bumbling Beach Thieves Caught Stealing Canopy, Proceed to Assail Owner

Of course it went down in Florida.


Could you imagine walking over to your spot on the beach only to find a couple of women trying to make off with your nice beach canopy and chairs? And on top of that, they can't figure out for the life of them how to dismantle the damn thing? I'd be pretty pissed (that canopy looks expensive yo), but Youtube user Flicky Rich kept his cool as he approached the two women trying to steal his shit and even offered to help them. My favorite part is that they are completely taken aback to be caught, absolutely dumbfounded that none of the items they are taking belongs to them: "This is yours?!"

I mean, the guy was being incredibly calm about it, and just when things couldn't get funnier, one of the women demands he turns off the camera and storms up to him to hit him. Le sigh.


Don't do dumb shit folks. Crime doesn't pay. Though internet notoriety might?

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Have we confirmed that these two are not related to the rhubarb stealing lady?