Bully For Them

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This just in from "no shit studies" central: According to research collected from studies about bullies in six countries, children of authoritarian parents ("parents who are demanding, directive and unresponsive") are more likely to become bullies between the ages of nine to 16. Alternatively, children of responsive and nurturing parents are less likely to bully others. Monkey see, monkey do. Bullying also runs equally between both genders, with boys resorting to physical bullying and girls using verbal tactics to bully and humiliate the attacked. [Eureka Alert]




Yeah...I question this, too. My Mom was a taskmaster, everything was always OUR fault, not the "other kid's" fault, we were brought up to face serious consequences if we weren't polite, didn't say please thank you, etc, — she was hardcore about everything and could wither you with a look. And if she found out we were mean to anyone or actually hit anyone or anything????? LOOK. OUT.

I'm the same kind of mom, a little less on the mean, harsh side, not a huge disciplinarian. But I've never bullied anyone and my kids don't hit or belittle other kids.

My sister in law, a psychologist and a massive softie who lets her kids run all over her—her kids hit animals, hit each other, hit other kids, call other kids (inlcuding my daughter) "Fat piggie".

So I'm blowing this off.