Buffy Shuts Down Edward Cullen In The Best Clip Ever

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So remember yesterday when I warned Edward Cullen about Buffy, the Vampire Slayer? Turns out I was a little late—their epic battle has already taken place, and it is quite a sight to see.


In this brilliantly edited clip by Rebellious Pixels, Edward shows up at Sunnydale High and tries to put the moves on Buffy Summers, who sees right through his sparkly bs, shutting him down at every opportunity. Everything that is portrayed in Twilight as super romantic about Edward is exposed as creepy and stalkerish here, which is fantastic, as Edward Cullen's creepiness too often gets a pass from those who brush aside his controlling, stalkerish ways as the signs of "true love." Edward is not the dreamboat here—he's the enemy. The best part? Edward lays down his famous line, "You're like my own personal brand of heroin," and Buffy responds, "Oh my god, what are you, 12?" It's amazing—see for yourself:



This was hilarious and has reiterated what I already sensed, without watching significant amounts of either Twilight OR Buffy: I REALLY dislike them both.