Bryan Singer Investigated for Sexual Assault by NYPD

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Shortly after a high profile lawsuit against Bryan Singer was dismissed, the NYPD said it is investigating the X-Men director for sexual assault.


According to Buzzfeed, an NYPD official confirmed that Singer is under investigation for sexual assault, but no charges have yet been filed:

After a tip from a confidential source, BuzzFeed asked the NYPD if it was investigating Bryan Singer over a complaint about sexual assault. "We have a formal compliant [sic] on file for criminal sexual act," NYPD Deputy Chief Kim Royster replied in an email Wednesday. "The complaint was filed on May 9th of this year, however the incident occurred on March 23, 2013. The case is open and being investigated by our Special Victims Squad."

In a follow-up interview Thursday, Royster said the case involved a male in his twenties who was allegedly forcibly sexually assaulted. She said the suspect is Bryan Singer. She said she could give no more information about the victim because it's a sexual assault case.

Attorneys for Singer have vehemently disputed Buzzfeed's story. "Neither my client nor any of his representatives have been contacted by the NYPD, or anyone else about an alleged criminal investigation of my client," said Martin Singer, one of the director's lawyers (who is no relation.) "My client did not engage in any criminal or inappropriate behavior with anyone in New York or elsewhere."

Told of what Royster said in the follow-up interview, another attorney for Singer, Andrew Brettler, wrote to BuzzFeed, "Your source is obviously not reliable. Less than 12 hours ago, you claimed that our client was being investigated for a criminal sexual act under the statute that covers sex with underage minors. Now you are claiming that the alleged complaining witness is a male in his 20s. Are you going to identify your alleged NYPD source by name in the defamatory story you intend to publish?"


As Buzzfeed points out, their source is Royster, the commanding officer of the NYPD's public information division.

A lawsuit alleging sexual abuse filed by Michael Egan against Singer was dismissed on Wednesday, when Egan told the court he could not find representation for his case.


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I'm surprised the NYPD is allowed to confirm an investigation publicly. My extensive Law & Order experience hasn't prepared me for this. Although I'm sure with Benson and Stabler looking into it, the truth will come out.