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Bryan Cranston Helps a Fan Ask His Crush to Prom

After a recent performance of All the Way on Broadway, Bryan Cranston took some time out to say hello to his fans at the stage door. For one fan, this was an opportunity to invite someone to prom in a pretty memorable way.


I hope that Maddy is a Breaking Bad fan, otherwise Cranston's suggestion that she tread lightly if she says no will come across as threatening (and I hope that Maddy says no if she doesn't want to go! Don't let a celebrity endorsement pressure you!), but the video is a testament to what an awesome guy Cranston seems to be. You ask him to help you ask someone to go to prom? He'll help you ask someone to go to prom. I bet he'd even lend you five dollars if you really needed it.

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Never see a girl getting a female celebrity to ask a guy out, just saying.