Park Slope maternity shop Boing Boing has been offering a 10% discount to lesbian Moms.

Store owner Karen Paperno says she gets "about one taker a day" and the offer has generally been well received — with one exception:

"The lesbians love it and the gay males get upset. But their disposable income is so much higher than women's. Men just make more than women."

Boing Boing first began offering the discount in the 1990s (she opened the store 15 years ago) and recently decided to revive it "as part of her push to be more personally involved with the store after its customer service took a drubbing on Yelp."

Paperno, who is married to a man, sited the pro-women, pro-GLBT atmosphere as one of the first things she noticed and loved about Park Slope:

"My first day here I saw a big pin on the sidewalk for the Lesbian Herstory Archives and I thought, ‘what a cool neighborhood.'"


And, as this story is quick to note, Paperno "doesn't even demand that lesbian mothers offered proof that they are in fact lesbian mothers!"

Which is great because anyone who's ever tried to apply for their State Lesbian Mother Identification card knows what a hassle it can be to remember to keep it on your person. That thing is bulky.


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