Brooke Hogan Believes Periods Render Women Unfit To Be President

Brooke Hogan has her own reality show now, with the premise being that she's moved out of her family's home. It's called Brooke Knows Best, and really, that title couldn't be further from the truth. Watching Hogan Knows Best, I was always disturbed by the way Hulk raised his son and daughter differently, but I figured that Brooke was intelligent enough to let that stuff roll of her shoulders and be her own person. Unfortunately, it looks like Hulk's sexism is fully ingrained in Brooke who, in the clip above, discusses why she's "not really into voting," and how she can't believe that a woman is running for president because women couldn't possibly lead the country because of how hormonal they get on their periods. Seriously, she said that shit.

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I WISH this were the first time I was hearing this sentiment. I wish wish wish it were AT LEAST the first time I heard this sentiment from a woman. It is not.

"Can you imagine a female president WITH HER PERDIOD?!"

"I don't want a female president, because I want the world to see a strong leader."

"What do women know about war?"


So Brooke; congratulations— you enter a noble line of fucking douchebag idiots. Now go shake hands with Pat Robertson...