Brooke Bogart Is So00 Not A — What's That Word? — "Heiress"

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"Aspiring model Brooke Bogart" graced the cover of Page Six Magazine yesterday. Do you love how people aspiring to be models are like, the new models? It's so...aspirational! So anyway, Brooke is the nineteen-year-old granddaughter of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and she's here, says the magazine story, to take "her rightful place in the spotlight." Is celebuspawn-spawn the new celebuspawn!? Looks like! "Some people think I'm a — what's it called?—an heiress, because of who my grandparents are, but I'm not like that at all," she says. And you sorta believe her! For one thing — more pix after the jump!! — is she even skinny enough to be an heiress/model? Not really!

But hey, remember? She's not really an heiress or a model — yet! She's getting there. Explains the story: "Enterprising Brooke uses Photo Booth on her iBook to take pictures of herself, in order to critique her own technique." (Hey, we've done that!)"I can see my different expressions and how I look from different angles...If I want to look flirty, I think of my boyfriend" — a college lacrosse player! — "If I want to look sad, I think of my dog, Chip, who we had put to sleep last year." Aw. She's now signed to Major Model Management — a real thing! I Googled! — and we'll surely be seeing more of her (or like, ha ha, less of her) in the coming months. And I can't think of a more worthy candidate for the newest spot in that ever-expanding room of the collective pop cultural psyche we reserve for talentless blonde dilettantes from moneyed suburbs, can you? Her name is Brooke Bogart!

Illustration for article titled Brooke Bogart Is iSo00/i Not A — Whats That Word? — Heiress

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Ok, is it ok to hate on her because she's a wannabe model? I thought we were only snarking on things we CAN'T change. For example, the eyebrows are clearly not the ones she was born with so snark away there.