Brody Jenner Is Looking For A Boyfriend

Brody Jenner's Bromance premiered on MTV last night. It's like a lame fraternity, but without the higher education aspect. And the homoeroticism is off the charts.

A group of young men compete to become one of Brody Jenner's friends. It should first be mentioned that Brody used the term "absolutely belitterated" to refer to how drunk one of the contestants was. The "bro mansion" was a frat-like house in Compton. There was one token gay guy, who chose to leave the show before the first elimination, because he was disappointed that the show wasn't like an episode of The Hills, and that Lauren Conrad was nowhere to be seen.

As for the gayness, well:
1.) Within the first few minutes of the show, security guards dragged the contestants out of bed — many of whom were naked, and not given the chance to put on clothes — to meet Brody for the first time.
2.) There is a hierarchy in place about tops and bottoms (in regards to bunk beds).
3.) Eliminations are held in a hot tub.
4.) Greeting cards were exchanged.
5.) Getting a little "alone time" with Brody is looked favorably upon.

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