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Broadway Momentarily Un-Gay: Clay Aiken Musical Cancelled

Illustration for article titled Broadway Momentarily Un-Gay: Clay Aiken Musical Cancelled

Moe is being interrogated by El Al as I type this, which means that her stock market/foreign policy-illuminating "Evening Purge" will be on hiatus until she returns from The Homeland next week. (My homeland, she keeps telling me. Not hers. Whatevs.) And so, back by not popular demand, my Bush-hating, animal-loving "End of Days"! Anyway, enjoy, peeps!

  • A musical about the life and times of Clay Aiken and his obsessive fans is no longer bound for Broadway. [TMZ]
  • Next time someone tells you you're rude for yawning at them, correct them and explain that you're actually empathizing. []
  • Raise the legal drinking age in England? Fuck no! [BBC]
  • New Jersey Buddhists have released animals bought in NYC's Chinatown into the wilds of New Jersey, hoping they reach their "karmic potential." Run, Thumper, run! [MSNBC]
  • Dude, we just hate it when baby bibs are contaminated with lead, don't you? We aren't going to say it, but they're made in China. [CNN]
  • What? The Bush administration is going to label another group of Arab / Middle Eastern folk terrorists? Shocking. [NYT]
  • So many fantasies, coming true: Barack Obama. To appear on The Tyra Banks Show. Please God let Ms. J show up for that one to give our boy Barry O some runway stomping tips! [ABC News]
  • Wow. Shocking. Another couple formed from The Bachelor call of their engagement. [People]

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Great, now these fowl breath straphangers will have an excuse to emit their stinky breath in my face.

The thing that rankles my nerves is that no one puts their hands by their mouths anymore.. I don't need to smell some dude's fetid air fused with last night's nachos, 40 ounce and a $2.00 hooker's pube hairs.