Broadway actor James Barbour, who once stared in the stage production of Beauty and the Beast, will serve 60 days in jail after confessing in court yesterday, in graphic detail, to having had sex with a 15-year-old aspiring actress in his dressing room, a girl whom he was supposed to be mentoring. The best part about his confession is the way the New York Post reported on it. "'I placed my hand - I mean her hand,' Barbour continued, flubbing his line, 'on my p- - -s and my hand on her v- - - -a.' 'On her what?' asked the court stenographer, leaning in to hear him. 'On her v- - - -a,' he repeated helpfully, projecting more clearly." That's some great reporting. But it wasn't his graphic confession that surprises us most about this case — it's the fact that a guy in musical theater had sex with a female. [NY Post]



@HoneyLush: Not hit on; had sex with.

I can say I've been in similar situations with young women when I used to tutor writers. Now, I wasn't as old as Mr. Barbour here, but the same moral applies: many of these girls are very talented and mature for their age, and along with that maturity comes a certain precociousness. This is NOT an invitation to have sex with them! As has been pointed out on this site many times, you're supposed to be the adult for god's sake. Don't take advantage of the poor girl just because that option is available to you! It's illegal, for one, and it's damn immoral to manipulate that position of authority and respect into, well, rape.