• In case you haven't heard, Tennessee's Lady Vols basketball team has won the NCAA tournament after a 9-year-drought. The news reminded us of one of our favorite pieces of literary non-fiction, Madelaine Blais' In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle, which underscores the role of sports as a self-esteem builder among young women. But we digress. Go Vols! [SportsIllustrated]
  • Not too fast, female-proud Tennesseans! Another year, another attempt to outlaw abortion in your fine state. [TennesseeGuerillaWomen]
  • Axe Body Spray continues to push the limits of sexist decency. [Feministing]
  • Another reason to call your mother: Hormones and red-meat may raise risk of heart-disease and breast cancer in post-menopausal women. [USA Today, BBC]
  • Post-partum depression is so 2006! A British psychiatric association suggests that depression during pregnancy is also dangerous and may raise the risk of premature birth. This pregnancy thing is sounding like more and more of a bummer every day. [BBC]
  • Salon weighs in on yesterday's Washington Post Op-Ed about how women earn less than men because, well, they're just less motivated to rake in the big bucks. [Salon]
  • Two women in today's Times obituaries section: Salvadorian human-rights advocate Maria Jula Hernandez, 68; and ballerina Belinda Wright, 78, who danced the role of Giselle and performed for Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier at gala celebrating their wedding. [NYTimes]

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