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Broadsides: Getting Off Is Better Done Alone

Illustration for article titled Broadsides: Getting Off Is Better Done Alone
  • Women without a significant partner are better able to have orgasms. No shit! It's hard to masturbate when your boyfriend's penis keeps getting in the way! [Salon]
  • White children are "more likely than black children to act out if their moms have multiple live-in lovers" says a study. Huh? Multiple live-in lovers? Are there more female polygamists in the Mormon Church than we thought? Oh, they mean consecutive lovers, not continuous. [USA Today]
  • Jessica Valenti thinks if the new Equal Rights Amendment gets passed, it shouldn't apply to Phyllis Schafly. [Feministing]
  • The brothel owner seized by a group of female Pakistani students has now been released. [BBC]
  • You knew the Today Sponge is back, right? If not, by May you'll be hearing a lot more about it. [MediaPost]
  • Nintento game-creator Shigero Miyamoto has one important way to gauge whether a video game will be successful: Whether or not his own wife is into it. [BusinessWeek]
  • One woman in today's NY Times obituary-section: Record-label founder Amelia S. Haygood, 87. [NYTimes]

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