Broadsides: Can't We All Just Get Along?

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  • Can't a divorced set of parents get along for the sake of the kiddies? If Terri Romanoff-Newman has her way, the answer is yes. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]
  • Can't we all just band together in the fight against breast cancer? The American Cancer Society is at odds with new guidelines issued by the American College of Physicians about mammograms for women under 50. [CNN]
  • Can't a career-minded woman get a break? Yet another study suggests that the longer you wait to procreate, the more likely you are to have a child with autism. [USA Today]
  • Can't a parent escape blame? 50% of cases of pertussis (a fancy word for "whooping cough") among babies are attributable to their evil, germ-filled parents. [NYTimes]
  • Rich, white lesbians get attention when they gather in groups and flash their tits. And when they dare to criticize the American government. [Feministing, Huffington Post]
  • Okay, so what exactly is the difference between a child sex slave and child prostitute? Apparently it's just a matter of jail-time. [Salon]
  • No important women died yesterday, according to the Times. [NYTimes]

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