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Broadsides: Ann Coulter Is An Asswipe. No, Really!

Illustration for article titled Broadsides: Ann Coulter Is An Asswipe. No, Really!
  • From the-why-didn't-they-think-of-it-sooner department: Ann Coulter toilet paper. [GiggleSugar]

Nissan Motors is trying to appeal to young female car-buyers by creating ads with a major cuteness factor: plushy animals, hearts and cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes: They're a great way to sell sneakers, too! [MediaPost, PhiladelphiaInquirer]

  • Ann Lewis, adviser to Hillary Clinton, says she is frustrated with the focus on irrelevant issues like Clinton's wardrobe. [WWD]
  • Fashion designer Elie Saab says he loves to design for models with curves. Unfortuately, he also speaks about himself in the third person. [Reuters]
  • The blonde half of the pair of Georgia teenage bank robbers — whose bond has been lowered from $26K to $10K — used her loot to shop, eat, and donate money to the homeless. Love. [CNN]
  • Office of Population Affairs head Eric Keroack (a reproductive health "advocate" who doesn't believe in contraception), is rumored to be resigning from his post with the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. [Feministing]
  • One woman in today's Times' obituaries section: Charlotte Winters, 109 [!] one of the first women to enlist in the Navy and the last remaining living female who had served in the Armed Forces during WWI [!!]. She'll receive full military honors at her funeral. [NYTimes]

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