A brush with death thanks to eggnog is a thing—at least for Ryan Roche.

Here's how that happens: Roche rallied all of his competitive skills to chug an entire 12 ounce carton of eggnog as fast as possible to beat his coworkers in an eggnog chugging competition.


As soon as he finished he realized he hadn't drawn breath for 12 full seconds and began gasping for air, but instead of air, he aspirated the creamy holiday drink into his lungs. But he figured he was fine, according to Buzzfeed, besides who knows what it feels like to breathe eggnog, right?

"Within two hours I was shaking uncontrollably," he said.

When he finally made it to a hospital, Roche was shuttled to the Intensive Care Unit and spent three days recovering from that fateful Holiday Clash of the Beverage Champions. Was the punishment worthy of the reward?

For setting a eggnog chugging record, Roche won a $50 gift card to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse — a reward that in retrospect Roche said was definitely not worth it.

"I'd rather have my health," he said, adding that next year he won't be participating in the contest.


Image via Ryan Roche.


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