Brittany Murphy's Mother & Husband To Appear On Larry King Live

Wednesday's LKL will air a taped interview with Brittany Murphy's mother and husband, during which the two open up about the shocking death of the late actress. In this preview clip, Murphy's husband—Simon Monjack—claims "Hollywood broke [Brittany's] heart."

Monjack is referring to the fact that both he and Brittany's mother, Sharon Murphy believe the star died from a congenital heart murmur diagnosed in her teens, and not—as rumors and speculation have suggested—from a drug overdose or anorexia. In a recent interview with People, Sharon claimed that her daughter did not use drugs (despite the fact that "large amounts" of prescription drugs were found at her home, including pain relievers and various chill pills, like anti-anxiety medication and hypertension medication), and said that Brittany never drank and that "it was hard for anyone to imagine that somebody was so high on life."

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