Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old whose video about scheduling her own death went viral, has chosen not to die this Saturday. She says that now is "not the right time."

Maynard, who's been the subject of much controversy and debate these past few weeks, first made headlines when she posted a YouTube video that hit more than 9 million views. In the video, Maynard spoke about her cancer diagnosis, her difficult journey and the fact that she had chosen to die with dignity (moving from California to Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal) instead of waiting for the disease to ravage her body. She planned to complete her bucket list and then end her life on her own terms this Saturday. Yesterday, she posted a video saying that she's changed her mind and wants to try to enjoy life longer, despite the fact that her cancer is getting worse.


Maynard has just completed her bucket list (culminating with a trip to The Grand Canyon) and while even her trip was difficult, she feels that for now she's made the right choice.

Update: Reps for Maynard and Compassion Choices have reached out to clarify that Maynard's stance on death with dignity has not changed. November 1 was never a deadline for her and, as she points out in the video (recorded a few weeks ago), she may reconsider end of life plan as her condition becomes worse.