Britney's VMA Performance: How Many Different Ways To Say "It Sucked"?

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  • Britney "performed" at the MTV Awards. And the reviews are in! NY Post:"Lard & clear loser... Totally lame, pathetically lip-synched." Washington Post: "Disjointed and just plain boring..." NY Times: "Awful. She tottered around the stage, dancing tentatively and doing nothing that sounded or looked like real live singing." BBC: "[Her performance will] go down in the history books as being one of the worst to grace the MTV Awards". Yahoo News: "Lethargic movements that seemed choreographed by a dance instructor for a nursing home..."
  • In other VMA news, the Kid Rock vs. Tommy Lee scuffle was probably over Pam Anderson. Kid Rock stayed after security broke up the tiff, Tommy was "dragged out." [YahooNews]
  • Hmm, did Rock "sucker smack" Lee? [Page Six]
  • Or did Lee get "clocked?" Also, TMZ says Kid Rock was also escorted out. [TMZ]
  • And why was Tommy Lee kissing Criss Angel? [Access Hollywood]
  • Stephen Dorff can't score anymore. [Page Six]
  • Matrix director Larry Wachowski did not have a sex change and is still a man. [Page Six]
  • Blind item! "Which married Oscar winner has a reputation for throwing orgies in Los Angeles where the girls are grossed out by his unappetizing sexual tastes?" [Gatecrasher, last item]
  • Paris Hilton is suing over the use of her picture and catchphrase "that's hot" on a Hallmark greeting card. Paris Hilton owns the trademark "That's hot." [USA Today]
  • Is Amy Winehouse trying to have a baby? [Fametastic]
  • Pete Doherty says Kate Moss hated his music. [Mirror ]

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She clearly is not "fat", but if your belly jiggles every time you move you should NOT be wearing a glitter bikini while dancing on national television. Especially if you did it a few years ago while sporting the best abs ever televised.