Britney's Performance: Are Frozen Margaritas And Poorly Made Boots To Blame?

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  • Britney Spears showed up for her comeback at the MTV Awards "late, unprepared, and with a drink in her hand." She was also supposed to be lifted and twirled by the dancers, but refused. And she was supposed to be wearing a corset. [Page Six]
  • Also, Britney's boot had a broken heel — could that be why she stumbled? [ONTD]
  • And OMG did Britney's hairstylist quit right before the performance, leaving her with jacked-up extensions? [E!]
  • While Mommy was "working," Daddy Kevin Federline threw a birthday party for Jayden James and Sean Preston. [People]
  • A new version of the Kid Rock vs. Tommy Lee fight: "When Kid found Tommy sitting in his seat at the theater, Kid told him, 'Get up, mother[bleeper]!'" a source says. "Tommy said, '[Bleep] you!'" Tommy also says, "If I wasn't so wasted, I would have gotten a punch in." [Rush & Molloy, 2nd item]
  • More MTV Awards gossip: Audience members dove for cash that 50 Cent threw in the air at a pre-awards show party and almost got electrocuted, but the money was fake; Eve's SCRAM anklet was removed on Saturday and she was immediately seen sipping champagne at a party. [Rush & Molloy, 5th & 6th items]
  • Lauren Conrad: Dating Desperate Housewives star Josh Henderson? Also, so drunk "she appeared to be nodding off"? [Gatecrasher, 2nd item]
  • Does Anna Wintour choose tennis over fashion? One designer tried to push back his show to give her more time to arrive from the US Open. [Gatecrasher, 3rd item]
  • Blind item! "Which famous British vocalist, now happily settled down and living in the States, made a living selling Ecstasy in London nightclubs during his '90s career slump?" [Gatecrasher, last item]
  • Julianne Moore has a new children's book, Freckleface Strawberry, about a red-haired speckled girl who kids make fun of. [Rush & Molloy, 11th item>
  • Harry Connick Jr Turns 40 today; Ludacris turns 30. [TMZ]

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This is from Gawker (couldn't have said it better myself):

"Britney's performance was such a disaster because she is suffering from a mental breakdown, is out of practice at performing live, and showed up drunk and unprepared for the gig.

Furthermore, she's a troubled young woman whose career appears to be on the wane, and the uncertainty over whether she wants to continue to play the game feeds her deep sense of self-loathing, particularly when she gives in to that part of herself that craves the adulation.

In those rare moments of lucidity where she recognizes what a public spectacle she's become, Spears looks down at the Snapple-streaked faces of her two tiny children and weeps at the shocking catastrophe her life has become. Then she knocks back a few margaritas and stuffs herself into two size zero pieces of unyielding fabric and heads out to perform live on national television. Of course that ambivalence is going to reflect itself in the resulting routine."