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  • Britney Spears spends $102,000 a month on entertainment and $16,000 on clothes, according to court papers detailing her finances. She also has $50,000 going to her mortgage, $10,000 for utilities and $6,000 for child care. A month! She should hire us. For $102K a month we could be soooo entertaining. [Page Six]
  • Guess what? Despite doing hardly any traditional promotion, Britney may have the number one CD in the country by the end of the sales period on Sunday. [E!]
  • An arrest is imminent in the case involving abuse allegations at the school for girls Oprah Winfrey founded in South Africa. [People]
  • Heather Mills says she pleaded with husband Paul McCartney for a "gentle and quick" divorce. "I'm going to be crucified. I'm going to have a modern-day stoning. You know why we split, you know the truth," she told him. Sick of this yet? [Page Six]
  • Does rapper Eminem (twice divorced from Kim Mathers) have a new girlfriend? Do you care? [Page Six]
  • Jennifer Garner debuted on Broadway last night — she plays Roxane in Cyrano de Bergerac — and got decent reviews from The New York Times and her husband, Ben Affleck, who said, "She did fine!" [People]
  • The new Spice Girls video is debuting today! Come on, say you'll be there. [People]
  • Tennis star Martina Hingis tested positive for cocaine — but claims she is "100% innocent" and would rather retire from professional tennis than try and fight the doping officials. Snort! [People]
  • Amy Winehouse is appealing her $714 fine for marijuana possession in Norway — she didn't understand that accepting a fine in Norway is the same as pleading guilty. Also, she was probably stoned. [People]
  • Amy Winehouse's dad wants her husband Blake to go to jail (he'll be in court on an assault charge in a few weeks) because it'll give Amy time to sort things out. Seeing as how she is so attached to Blake, it'll probably make her more insane, but whatevs. [Mirror]
  • You've heard time and time again about the stuff they fake on The Hills, but this is a new one: Producers are casting the part of Heidi Montag's maid of honor. When are they going to do the episode where Spencer is in a minor accident that leaves him temporarily mute and wheelchair-bound? [E!]
  • Blind item! This one is from Ted Casablanca, so we're translating here: A fairly good-looking guy from semifamous lineage, who has appeared on TV but also dabbles in music and design, got a nonfamous chick knocked up. And she's keeping the baby. And it's not Shia LaBeouf, Tony Romo or John Mayer. [E!]
  • Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, who often appeared on nephew Bam Margera's show Viva La Bam and Jackass on MTV, was convicted on two felony counts of sexual assault on a child Wednesday. He reportedly cried out "Just kill me now" and fell to the floor as the verdict was read and is now on suicide watch in jail. [MTV]
  • Actor Mark Ruffalo's wife has given birth to a daughter, their third child. [People]

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