Britney Spears Working Hard To Restore Image As The "Naughty" Spears Sister

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  • It was a Britney Christmas: She drove around aimlessly, occasionally pausing to assault members of the paparazzi, before settling down to maybe have sex with a member of the paparazzi. This transpired at the Peninsula Hotel. (Her house was "too messy," she claimed. We believe her!) She made a 1 a.m. trip to Rite Aid to stock up on Lucky Charms and laundry detergent. She did not appear to be wearing a bra. [People]
  • Does all this mean she's suicidal?? [The Sun]
  • Jay-Z is leaving his post as President of Def Jam, where he signed Rihanna and if that's not considered a success the industry must just be in really bad shape...oh wait. He may open a hotel. [TMZ]
  • A Scottish newspaper claims to have Will Smith on the record saying that Hitler wasn't such a bad guy. Smith's rep says this is "awful and disgusting." The Anti-Defamation League now wants Barack Obama to get in the middle of it. Doesn't he have real Holocaust deniers to worry about? [TMZ]
  • Paris Hilton's 16-year-old brother Barron and girlfriend Skye Peters (daughter of producer/Barbra Streisand ex Jon Peters) were at the Bel Air Hotel on Friday, "holed up" in a room there something happened blah blah blah police were called. Details on the police tape to follow. As well as the inevitable sex tape? (Ooooh, will they name it "We Hope She's Barren"?) [Page Six]
  • Madonna is planning on re-releasing all her singles as a means of celebrating her 50th birthday/pissing off her record label.
  • Amy Winehouse's husband snuck a cell phone into jail? Don't want to sound naive, but what kind of prison guards don't notice a cell phone? The kind of prison guards who are now busy sharing a kilo of coke maybe? [The Sun] [The Sun]
  • A woman who took a picture of R. Kelly with her cell phone inside a courtroom is already serving time in the slammer for the offense. Kelly, meanwhile, has yet to be even sentenced in his child porn case. Ah, the American justice system. [TMZ]
  • A raccoon has eaten Steven Speilberg's koi fish. Spielberg is unhappy. The raccoon is no longer hungry. [Page Six]
  • Hilary Swank: Still bitter about being fired from Beverly Hills 90210. [Page Six]
  • French president Nicolas Sarkozy took really hot model/singer girlfriend Carla Bruni to Egypt for Christmas. [Daily Mail]



Oh Will Smith. Don't you know better than to use the word "Hitler" in a sentence. The ADL has radar for those things and, no matter what you say, whether it be "Hitler was a dog show enthusiast" or "Hitler had a penchant for his moustache" if it's not a long-detailed lambasting of the man, you will be accused of anti-semitism.

I also love how they're calling for Obama to, like, mediate or something. It's like "Obama: you're black! Can't you TALK to this kid?!"

I wonder if his mom and dad will make him move to his Aunt and Uncle's in Bel Air after this incident...