Everyone's getting in on the handwriting analysis game. Today, RadarOnline has the apologetic missive Britney Spears sent to celebrity photo agency x17 analyzed, and, from the looks of it, Miss Britney Jean is a little more complex than, say, Paris Hilton. For starters, Britney is strong-willed and stubborn!

Dennis Duez: "Britney is a very independent person, it's 'my way or the highway' with her. She has an upward to backward slant to the left that shows she's really obstinate toward doing things her way."

She's giving!

DD: "The way the loop is formed into a Hershey's Kiss. It shows a giving spirit, a compassionate spirit."

She's in pain!

"There are some indicators for abdominal stress. The o in movie, the lower right and upper right side have some dark spots."


Oh god. "Abdominal stress"? Please tell us those are menstrual cramps, not another fucking zygote.

Britney Spears' Handwriting Analyzed [Radar]
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