Twenty-four year old Bryony Matthewman has become an internet sensation due to her hilarious, one-woman comedy sketches on YouTube. There's a story about her in the Daily Mail today, and she topped a UK poll commissioned by YouTube to find its 10 most-watched Londoners. Upon hearing the news that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant (which Bryony told us she read on Jezebel!), she created a clip, impersonating Jamie's big sis Britney. As Britney, Bryony gives JLS motherhood tips like "no beer before noon... while you're pregnant" and "infant thongs may be controversial, but they are next year's big look." Also a target? The artist who has the best-selling album of the year in the UK: Amy Winehouse, of whom Bryony does an awesome impression.

Bryony, a graphic designer who has the screen name Paperlilies, films herself in her bedroom at her parents' home. She tells the Daily Mail: "I'm freelance at the moment so I have quite a lot of time on my hands. It's great that so many people enjoy them but it's all just a bit of a laugh to me." As for her Britney impression, she wrote us: "I am from London so that is why the accent is way off." She also notes that while these two clips are celeb-oriented, "Most of my videos are just me talking about crap all day." Check out her Britney and Amy impersonations, below.


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