Britney Spears: Drugs, Drowning, Tears

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  • Britney's former bodyguard says one night he saw her "out of it" in a trashed hotel room with crystal meth paraphernalia and he "thought she was going to die." [The Sun]
  • The bodyguard was also concerned that Britney would drown the kids. [Us Magazine]
  • In addition, Britney was seen leaving her attorney's office in tears. It's kind of heartbreaking, isn't it? [X17]
  • Stephanie Allen, whose family is worth about $1.4 billion, is divorcing her husband, Tony. Exhibit A in the divorce file? Lindsay Lohan, with whom Tony has reportedly gotten close while staying at Le Cirque rehab in Utah. [Daily Mail]
  • Salma Hayek has given birth to a baby girl, Valentina Paloma Pinault. If you're thinking of sending a gift, keep in mind that Salma's baby daddy/fiancé François Henri Pinault, is the CEO of the firm which owns Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, so the kid's probably got everything she "needs". [People]
  • George Clooney and his girlfriend were in a motorcycle crash on Friday. Clooney suffered a hairline fracture of a rib and road rash; Sara Larson's foot was broken. They were treated and released from the hospital. The most disturbing part? The crash happened in Weehawken, N.J. [People]
  • Mariah Carey is famous, you guys. She showed up to an event with eight "massive" bodyguards and had the bathroom shut down for 10 minutes while she primped. [Page Six]
  • Las Vegas entertainment promoter Jeff Beacher is offering Kid Rock and Tommy Lee a $5 million prize to settle their feud in a winner-take-all boxing match. Dude, no one cares anymore. [Page Six]
  • Blind item! "Which aging action hero travels around with at least three of his 'boys,' aka equally aging pals, and has them do his dirty work to get rid of women when he tires of them?" [Gatecrasher, last item]
  • Did you know that Jodie Foster wears a hearing aid? [Daily Mail]
  • Angelina Jolie's next kid may come from Myanmar. Which the Brit papers insist on still calling Burma. [Daily Mail]
  • Sharon Osbourne says her son, Jack, was given OxyContin when he was 15 — by Courtney Love. [Daily Mail]

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@pica: she CAN'T pull it together b/c she doesnt know how, b/c people have been pulling her shit together for her for years.

can you imagine having NEVER experienced failure, or what failure you did experience was always tempered and painted in rosy colors? we'd all be fucked up too.

i don't think she has any concept of how to take care of herself - girl probably hasn't brushed her own hair in 10 years, and now we all expect her to be cognizant enough to recognize she has a problem?

the system in general is failing these women - yeah, their parents should have seen it coming, but to be honest, they probably DID see it coming, and were too caught up in the industry and the fame seduction and the money to know what to do.

and this is nothing new - michael jackson has been on this same downward spiral for 20 years, but had enough money to relatively 'shelter' his destruction from the general public.