Britney Spears Can't Sell Out Vegas Because of Céline Dion, Say Sources

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Britney Spears is reportedly having trouble selling tickets for her Vegas residency and obviously Céline Dion did this to her.


Sales for Spears’s “Piece of Me” show at Planet Hollywood seemed to be just fine last October when she renegotiated her contract. But according to Page Six, the numbers are thinning, while Dion’s ticket sales have been robust ever since she reclaimed the Vegas stage in August.

Is it because Brit’s younger fans don’t give a shit what happens in Vegas? Or is Céline bogarting the residency game?

One source tells Page Six:

“It’s a Vegas war now that Céline is back, and Britney is losing in a major way. Céline has sold out almost every show.”

Another source counterpoints:

“Britney got off to a really good start, but her fans aren’t particularly Vegas people. It’s hard to keep people interested in an act like Britney Spears since she’s a 1990s, 2000s pop star. That fan base doesn’t really come to Vegas to see shows...They’re there for the EDM scene and DJs.”


A third source passes by the first two sources on a hoverboard and scoffs, adding:

“[Spears’ ticket sales] have nothing to do with Céline. Acts like Céline and Elton John have had adult fans for many years and they go to Vegas to see them regularly. Britney’s fans are young adults who grew up with her as little girls. How many times do they [go to] Vegas? She can fill arenas, but a residency is another beast. A residency is different from a worldwide tour. Those seats have to be filled every night, and that’s difficult to do with a younger fan base.”


And the winner is the source who says the younger music fans come for the EDM and not necessarily the residencies, obviously.

There’s a chance Britney might flame out anyway, having performed over 100 shows in Vegas since 2013. Brit told E! News in August that she’s weighing her options. “I haven’t made up my mind. I really love doing the show,” she said. “It’s a lot, a lot of fun, but I’m kind of torn right now.”


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imtiredthatisall IS just like Gywneth Paltrow

Let’s discuss the socio-economics of their fan bases.

Brit’s fan base is probably just trying to survive. (i.e. me trying to pay for mortgage and daycare and working and child rearing)

Whereas much of Celine’s fanbase has more money and time than they know what to do with. (i.e. my aunt and my mother who don’t have to work, have plenty of money, and would find a trip to Las Vegas a fun getaway)