Britney Spears and David Lynch Are Both Making Bras Now

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Elusive chanteuse Britney Spears and famed weirdo director/ transcendental meditation enthusiast/ amazing Louie guest star David Lynch are launching their own respective lines of women's wear. Both contain bras.

Lynch's line of sportswear is available for order through Live the Process. Fans of the twisted mind behind Blue Velvet and Eraserhead can now purchase a "David Lynch Scoop Bra" and biker shorts so oddly designed that they barely look good on the model wearing them on the website.

Diane! I'm gazing at a pair of grey high-waisted exercise shorts....

Not to be outdone by David Lynch, Britney Spears is also getting into the bra game. Her line of lingerie will be called The Intimate Collection. It will also feature high waisted items, if her Instagram announcement of the line is to be believed.


All of this is incredibly interesting and relevant to the lives of ordinary Americans, for sure, but I'm a little glum the two of them didn't somehow connect during their respective brands' development phases. Imagine a line of Britney Spears lingerie with Lynchian overtones. It'd be perfect. "Lucky" in a minor key kind of sounds like it could be the theme from Mulholland Drive, anyway.

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hello! and britney's line will have cup sizes A-J which is more than most intimate lines can say