Britney: On The Record: "I'm Sad"

Last night saw the premiere of MTV's documentary Britney: For the Record, which was shown without any commercial interruption (except for one spot for Brit's two different fragrances). Some of it was boring, some of it was interesting, but pretty much all of it was sad. While it's great to see Britney back in control again (and wearing pants on a regular basis), the control isn't hers - and she says as much. Back in the care of an army of handlers, everything looks better on the outside - her weave isn't a mess, her skin is clear, and she wears clothes without stains all over them - but even she admits that she feels less free than she did during her breakdown. It's like she had to choose between the hell she knows and the one she doesn't. In the clip above, she talks about how her life lacks any passion, and how she finds it better to have no feelings at all than to have hope of ever escaping this life, because the letdown is too difficult to deal with.


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