[Hollywood, CA; July 11. Image via X17]

Despite what Perez Hilton says, it's Kevin Federline —not Britney Spears — whose backyard pool is unfenced and therefore dangerous to poor little Sean Preston and Jayden James. Or is it? Perez spent part of today pointing fingers at Britney for being a bad mom but seems to have also failed to read the caption on the photos in question posted on Britney-loving photo agency x17 this morning: "Exclusive: Kevin Federline Has A Pool With No Fence." Adding to the possible intrigue: Perez is being sued by x17 — which has scored the exclusives on such Britney classics as her head-shaving, car-whacking, and mom-serving — for unlicensed use of their images. So what's going on here? Did Britney or Kevin not fence in that pool, and is he or she mandated to do so by California law? Did Perez just get it wrong or is he trying to make x17 look stupid? Does anyone care? And most importantly, is it just us or is that a massive turd we see floating in that pool?

Life According To Britney [PerezHilton]