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Britney Hates Mom For Getting Her Sober Long Enough To Realize How Fat And Miserable She Was

  • We can think of all sorts of really valid reasons Britney hates her ailing mom so much she couldn't visit her in the hospital on Mother's Day. But encouraging her to go to rehab? Not one of them. [Star via MSNBC]
  • Kate Hudson to a tearful (and hugging!) Cameron Diaz: I didn't sleep with your man, you know. Wait, what? K-Ho and "Timberwuss"? Where do these people find the time? [Gatecrasher]
  • It's a good thing Charlize Theron is so pretty, cause when she spends five minutes catwalking in circles around a tiny Mexican restaurant showing off to everyone you start to wonder about her personality. [Page Six]
  • A national poll of 789 Americans by HCD Research shows a clear majority (69 percent) believe Hilton's 45-day jail sentence is an appropriate punishment. [Page Six]
  • That HBO guy was spotted not asphyxiating the girlfriend at the Waverly Inn. [Page Six]
  • How do we know Camryn Manheim has delayed David E. Kelley disease? She's pulling that anorexic trick where she stuffs food in her face in front of reporters! [Page six]
  • Sofia Coppola, whom we always assumed subscribed to our "why wash today what you'll just have to wash again tomorrow" theory of beauty and haircare maintenance, spent $42,000 on her beauty and fashion stylists at last year's Cannes, a contribution to the French economy that was not entirely appreciated by viewers of Marie Antoinette. [LA Times]
  • Larry Flynt says he and Jerry Falwell were "good friends"! Possibly because the movie rights to the life of a Jabba-esque perv with a junkie wife and no Supreme Court case would have been a little less valuable. [Access Hollywood]

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