Illustration for article titled Britney As Whitney? God Help Us.
  • Britney Spears to star in remake of The Bodyguard! Oh wait, phew. Joke! [Best Week Ever]
  • The verdict is in: Miss New Jersey can stay Miss New Jersey, even though she's a (only sorta) dirty girl. [CNN]
  • A helpful hint: Don't eat steamed buns off the street in China. They're made of cardboard. [CBS]
  • What's your virginity worth nowadays? Free theater tickets? [USA Today]
  • Different day, same deal: President Bush still believes the Iraq war can be won. [CNN]
  • A new study released by Pew reports that American women believe more strongly than they did 10 years ago that working full-time is not good for their children. [USA Today]
  • Seems like common sense, but apparently not: Do not go outside wearing an iPod in a lightening storm. [CNN]
  • 3 pending U.S. casualty confirmations by DoD. [Iraq Coalition Casualties]

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