Britney and Criss Angel: Just Working Together. Or Not.

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  • Criss Angel and Britney Spears: Only hanging together for MTV Awards performance purposes, thank Zeus. [Rush&Molloy, 4th item from bottom]
  • Although, they did spend the night together, drinking champagne — and sent the bodyguard for condoms. [TheSun]
  • Amy Winehouse has canceled all of her August events, but you knew that, right? [People]
  • Oh, and Amy Winehouse's husband speaks! "Everyone thinks that everything's that's happened to Amy is my fault and I'm portrayed as the bad guy. But I just want everyone to know that I love her so so much." [Mirror]
  • A source at Harpo Inc, Oprah's company, says one assistant made $65,000 in overtime in 16 weeks. Holy crap! [PageSix]
  • Jack Nicholson has serious dry mouth. You didn't need to know that, but now you do. Pass it on. [PageSix]
  • Is the winner of Top Chef: Miami going to work for Madonna? We think that's what they want you to think. [PageSix]
  • Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne: total divas on the red carpet. [PageSix]
  • The late New York City social doyenne Brooke Astor on Martha Stewart: "Not my cup of tea." Genius! [PageSix]
  • Nicole Richie has her man Joel Madden trained: he won't take pictures with other girls at parties. [PageSix]
  • Carmen Electra has been working on a new album, heaven help us. [PageSix]
  • Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's book, That Extra Half Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between, is coming to the US! Or you could just, you know, go on, and get it now. [PageSix]
  • Isaiah Washington will be on Star Jones' new show Monday, if you're interested. [PageSix]
  • Karl Rove will spend Labor Day weekend dove-hunting. You know, the bird of peace? He's gonna shoot it. [Rush&Molloy]
  • Mary-Kate Olsen bought weed from Method Man. But it was just for a scene in a movie. [Rush&Molloy, 8th item]
  • That song you heard by Heidi Montag of The Hills? She didn't want you to hear it. Even though she gave it to a radio station. Spencer Pratt says, "It was a joke." Well he got that right. [People]
  • Are Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe getting back together? And where does that leave Jake Gyllenhaal? [E!]



I just went to [] and under the heading "Popular News," there were three stories:

- Jenna Bush gets engaged

- Iraqi women: Prostituting ourselves to feed our


- Britney's topless pool romp

And I was kind of shocked, because the Topless Pool Romp (aka My Twisted Night With Britney) was, like, two weeks ago.