Would you rather have a lovely pair of Miu Miu heels on your feet, or a beautiful pee in your vag? Apparently four out of ten British women would prefer new shoes! A new study which appeared in First magazine says that although 40% of women prefer shopping to sex, 94% of women described themselves as "happily married." How happy can you be if you'd rather go to Harvey Nicks than get a good rogering? But the stats make sense, since 37% of British ladies polled say they could be happy in a sexless marriage. The Daily Mail has relationship psychologist Anjula Mutanda weigh in on the stats, and she's rather alarmed. "Having no sex at all creates distance and resentment. A once loving and tactile relationship becomes the equivalent of living with your brother or sister."

Strangely enough, some of the same women who would be happy in a sexless marriage must have said they still find their spouses sexy, since 72% of wives gave their partners a 7/10 or higher on a scale of sexual attractiveness. Maybe that British-dudes-are-bad-in-bed stereotype has something to it, since apparently British birds prefer chocolate to sex as well.

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