British Women Have Enormous Breasts

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British department store Marks & Spencer is rolling out a J-cup bra, and it has newspapers all over England tittering about the increasing size of the average woman's breasts. The Mirror insists that the average bra size in the UK is 34DD/34E, while the Daily Mail says the median breast size in England is a mere 36C, up from a 34B a generation ago. Regardless, both papers discuss the reasons behind the growth of women's breasts in the past ten years. They tend to attribute the increased bustiness to a combination of weight gain, birth-control pills and possibly artificial hormones in the food supply.

67-year-old granny Barbara Haywood tells the Daily Mail, "In my day it was only old, stout ladies who had big bosoms - the sort who might lean over the garden fence and talk to the neighbours. But today it's young women, such as my granddaughter Miranda, who seem to wear the biggest bra sizes."

The Mail also wonders if the national increase in bra size can be explained through the popularity of implants (cough Jordan cough). 10,000 breast implant surgeries are performed each year in the UK.


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British sizes are not different than american.

ACTUALLY it's much more likely that more women are being PROPERLY FITTED and therefore are discovering they wear a "larger" size then they thought they should. Especially in England. It's not a big deal they are 'adding a J cup'...those have existed for a long time! IT just means that M&S are expanding their size selection, and good on them for doing that.

I love the claim that the average has increased from a 34b to a 36c...that's such BULLSHIT. That's just the average that people BUY ...80% of women don't know their true size! So basing an average on what is purchased is completely false logic.

The british do make the best bras though, and have the best education on sizes available in every day stores like Marks and Spencer.

Bra sizes in england, just like the US go like this:


A g cup is not that big...i was a pro bra fitter for 2 years, and am a g cup. When customers would complain about being huge I would ask them what size they thought I was...they would always say "I dunno, a d?" IT was great to respond, G32! They would always be shocked.

SOrry for the huge comment....I'm passionate about this topic!