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British Women: Bad Teeth, Better Sex

Illustration for article titled British Women: Bad Teeth, Better Sex

The British have long been known for their crappy dentistry, tasteless food, and small penises. Now — despite the small penises — the Brits may be able to add "great sex" to the mix. Beginning this week, women across the pond will be able to heighten their sexual arousal with a Procter & Gamble-designed patch called Intrinsa, which releases a low-level of testosterone and is being heralded as the "female Viagra". Reports Salon:

At the moment, the patch is only going to be available by prescription for "post-menopausal women with diagnosed sexual problems," says the Mail. (It's not available in the United States; the FDA nixed its request to be fast-tracked in 2004.) But it doesn't take a genius to figure out that, like Viagra before it, Intrinsa could become a "lifestyle drug," bought over the counter and used by people who don't have any medical problems.


Bring it on! Frankly, we're sick of spending upwards of thirty bucks on booze just to get in the mood.

Sex Drive In A Patch? [Salon]


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